EskimoTV is the collaborative work of Jason Escamilla and David Scott. Fans of all forms of culture, our platform was built as a means of opening up a discussion and providing a space for exploring truth in art. It is our firm belief that art does not happen in a vacuum and that you cannot create something without making a statement. What you’ll find here is a mixture of thoughtful reviews that try to gauge the quality of a film above and beyond just how much the reviewer enjoyed it and editorials that ask important questions about the works they discuss.

By engaging with movies beyond the simple question of whether or not they were enjoyable, we hope to find more meaning in the media we consume because it is important to think about what you take in and put back out. To contact us, request a review of a movie, show, book, or game, or especially if you are interested in contributing, please email us at [email protected].

Our Editors


Jason Escamilla

Creator, film critic, media producer

Jason is a Rotten Tomatoes critic and a member of the Houston Film Critics Society. In March 2017, shortly after seeing Get Out, an enthusiasm to discuss movies ignited, and thus, EskimoTV was born. Eskimo, a twist on his last name (Escamilla), was a youth group nickname Jason grew up with and he believed that an igloo and TV would make a unique-looking logo. Jason has posted over 200 reviews since then. Critics Jason enjoys listening to include Christy Lemire, Roth Cornett, Chris Stuckmann, John Campea, Mark Ellis, and his fellow HFCS colleagues. Outside of movies, Jason likes to watch television, play video/board games, run, eat, attend church, and teach.


David Scott

Film critic, writer, and website manager

David became an editor and web designer for EskimoTV in April of 2019. Film critique was a natural evolution as a creative outlet for the editorial and technical skills he cultivated as the lead knowledgebase editor for a major web hosting company in 2016. He founded and maintained an outlet called Critical Truth until joining forces to collaborate on EskimoTV. As an advocate for creative freedom, a driving force for his perspective as a writer is the belief that how we entertain ourselves as people is an important aspect of who we are that deserves to be discussed thoughtfully. A better understanding of the things you like is a key part of better knowing yourself.


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